A Simple Recovery Mechanism

So I spent some time re-inventing the wheel to create a light weight simple recovery mechanism. This model is missing a few elements, but basically our proposed recovery mechanism works as follows:

A single actuator moves a pin through a tab mounted securely to the central pin. On the far side of the motion the pin moves through a tab securing our nosecone. On the near side of the motion the pin moves through a tab holding our rotating cylindrical lid closed.

Attached to a pin, and covered by the aforementioned cylindrical lid is a chute can with a compartment for the drogue and main chutes.

The drogue chute is attached to the nose cone and the central tab on the cylindrical lid The drogue is stored in the left side of the chute can in following image.

The main chute is attached to the nose cone  with a looser line than the drogue. This prevents tension on the main before we are ready to deploy it. It is secured to the main pin and stored in the right compartment in below image.

When the retracts a full quarter inch the nosecone pin is removed and the spring is able to push the nosecone loose. This pulls out the drogue chute. When the pin moves another quarter inch it  releases the pin securing the cylindrical lid which allows it to rotate opening the main chute lid, releasing tension on the drogue, which allows the nosecone to move further from the rocket body and pulls out the main chute. Whew!

All this is done because it is a lightweight and controllable system with our linear actuator’s motion determined by sensor input to the control Arduino board.

You can read all that or just watch below.




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