We are OT Rocketry and Aerospace.

Parsecs ahead of the competition!™

Inspired by Star Trek and caffeine, our mission is to expand research and project opportunities at Oregon Tech in the field of aerospace. We’re passionate about rocketry and are determined to see humanity push the limits of space.

We are currently working on creating a student designed-and-built rocket to enter the ESRA Spaceport America Cup. There are eight senior project students working alongside determined lower classmen and women.  We’ve been working hard since September 2016, and are bringing you hot fire soon.

Meetings Spring 2018

Weekly Club Meetings: 

3pm Fri. – OW 141

Weekly Sub Team Meetings
Test Stand Team :                    5:00pm Wed. – OW 141
Flight Rocket Team :               10:30am Sat. Machine Shop
Liquid Engine Team:                3:00pm Mon. – CO 101

Engine: Gizzard V1


General Specifications:

  • Butanol & Liquid Oxygen
  • Combustion Pressure : 1380 kPa
  • Combustion Temperature: 3000 °C
  • Thrust 2.22 kN
  • Specific Impulse (sea level) : 255 s
  • Burn Time Capability: 20 Seconds
  • Regenerative & Film Cooling Approach

This project is currently active, and being pursued rigorously by four senior project students. The specifications for this engine are suitable for competing in the Spaceport America Cup. 

Hot fire is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Test Stand: Talon

The Talon: 300-1000 lb Trailer-Mounted Test Stand
General Specifications:

  • Mobile test stand for 300 to 1000 lb thrust rockets
  • Suitable for rocket engines of any fuel type
  • Up to 600 psi fuel and oxidizer pressure
  • Records thrust, pressure, temperature, and video
  • Horizontal test orientation
  • Built-in fire suppression system
  • Built-in sound dampening baffles

The test stand team consists of seven students, five of whom are working on the project for their senior capstone.

The basic stand is expected to be finished Winter 2018 for initial testing and the entire trailer should be finished for Spring 2018 hot fires of the Gizzard-1 engine.

Flight Rocket: Pueo

Our first flight rocket, Pueo, is being designed for competition in Spaceport America Cup.

General Specifications:

  • 9G loading capability
  • On board avionics and flight computer capable of transmitting data and independently correcting basic flight anomalies
  • Electro-mechanical recovery system
  • Payload bay capable of 4kg


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General Inquiries:


Faculty Advisor

Sean Sloan, Associate Professor – OregonTech MMET Department


Senior Project Advisor

Dongbin Lee, Assistant Professor – OregonTech MMET Department


Project Leadership

David Minar, Engine Development Lead


Julien Mindlin-Davidson, Engine Development Lead


Ben Porter, Test Stand Development Lead


Micah Hicks, Flight Rocket Development Lead


Brandon Camp, Safety Officer