Current Projects

Motorized Dobsonian Telescope (Page coming soon):

This project will be a motorized 10” Newtonian Telescope that can automatically track coordinates in the sky such as stars or planets. Ideally, it could be operated remotely without any physical interaction with the telescope. Aside from weather concerns, it should be able to be mounted in a permanent spot and utilized without wasting valuable time setting up. If it is needed to be moved, it should be easy to recalibrate it. There are many tracking telescopes out there, but they require an operator to be present in the middle of the night to capture the images. This project would be to create a telescope that can be operated remotely and still have the functionality of one that is operated by a person. This includes things like adjusting focal lengths, camera exposure settings, and possibly even eyepiece swapping.

Project begins Fall 2022!

Previous Projects:

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OTRA’s own rocket engine

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OTRA’s first flight rocket

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